Professional staff bring to ENVIRO-SUPPORT, Incorporated the following experience base.

—NEPA, since 1976
—CERCLA, since 1985
—RCRA, since 1990
—diverse legislation incorporated by reference
—implementing regulations

—Applied ecology practiced in 14 states and provinces, ranging from Alaska to Illinois to southern New Mexico
—Additional field experience in Maine, Michigan, Nebraska, New York, and California

—Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Rocky Flats Plant, Dugway Proving Ground, Tooele Army Depot-South

—North and South Utah Test and Training Range; ANG 124th Wing, Idaho C-130 Local Training Area (LTA); ANG 153rd Airlift Wing (AW), Wyoming C-130 LTA; 136th AW, Texas C-130 LTA; and the 137th AW, Oklahoma C-130 LTA

—Coal, uranium, oil and gas, engineering, sewage treatment, airports, nahcolite, heavy metals, oil shale, water diversion, pumped storage